Top 7 Most effective Classroom Strategies

In order to capture the full range of talents and abilities that people possess, Gardner theorizes that people do not have just an intellectual capacity, but have many kind of intelligence including musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual, and linguistic intelligences. (Kendra Cherry on Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence)
This notion is the primary reason why teachers were trained to handle heterogenous individuality of  pupils inside the classroom. 25 to 50 students with different learning styles, different learning phase, abilities, potential, study habit (or lack thereof), and behavior. The mystery remains within the world of teaching where the outsider might ask: how on earth do teachers survive this setting daily? Well, the answer is "Strategy". It is the teacher's way and process of dealing with children which may vary in every subject, school setting ( urban or rural), and material's availability. shares the best teaching practices and names the top 7 most effective classroom strategies:

1.Visualization- everything becomes better when you can widen the pupils' eyes in interest and sustain them for long minutes. Try interactive videos, clips, experiments, and local field trips.

2. Cooperative Learning- working together brings classroom dynamics and enthusiasm. Activities like role-playing and presentations, games, experiments, and mathematical puzzles.

3. Inquiry-based Instruction- pose thought provoking questions which encourage pupils to independent reflection of learning.

4. Differentiation- Differentiate task assignment like worksheets with varying difficulty level based on pupils' abilities.

5. Technology in the Classroom- including technology is a must as we are in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Learning became interactive and motivating with the use of technology.

6. Behavior management- routines are crucial to develop discipline. Positive reinforcements for good behavior is a great motivation.

7. Professional Development- engaging in professional development programmes is a great way to grow your teaching and learning techniques.

At the end of the day, teaching Strategies can be proven effective if your pupils learn something positive from you, if you can change their life for the better, and you influence them to be a better citizen.#

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