When Teacher Cooks Creamy Coffee Jelly

The other side of a Teacher is being a Parent. As parents, it is our primary duty to fill the table with nutritious foods. Foods which are not necessarily expensive to be nutritious. When I am not busy with my work in the classroom or in the computer, I am busy in the kitchen. With this article, I would love to share with you how I made Creamy Coffee Jelly, the teacher's style. The recipe unfolds with each picture shown because after all, pictures do tell a thousand words. Ingredients and steps were shown in each picture. Easy steps to follow and better understanding.

Creamy Coffee Jelly ( The Teacher's Homemade Version)

Prepare the following: 1 cup condensed milk, 1 cup all-purpose cream, 1 big can evaporated milk, 2 packs gelatin, cheese, 1/4 kg. sugar, 6 g instant coffee, 10 cups water, a pinch of salt

Your Jelly. Mix the gelatin, coffee, and sugar. Use a whisk or a fork. When thoroughly mixed, add water then boil in your pan or caserole.
While boiling, stir continuously to avoid burning the bottom part of the jelly. When it's done, transfer to your molding or baking pan. Wait while it set and cooled completely before cutting into your desired size. Grate your cheese or cut into cubes.
Put your jelly, cheese, condensed and evaporated milk, and cream in a bowl then let your kid mix them. Chill for a couple of hours before serving.
Creamy Coffee Jelly is a homemade dessert popular for parties or just after-meal dessert. It can last for 4 days depending on how often your kid eats.
Prep Time: 30 min.
Estimated Cost: PhP160.00 or <$3
Small Servings: 30 persons
Teacher's Tip: Place your dessert higher in the fridge because the kid keeps coming back for it.

by: Ma'am Vi

Do you have a better way of cooking this? Share your insights with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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