Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms



Department of Education issues DepEd Memorandum No. 37, s. 2022 or the Resumption of Implementation of the Policy on Checking of School Forms as Prescribed in DepEd Order No. 11, s. 2018 (Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms).

In support to the implementation of Basic Education-learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP), the Department of Education (DepEd) issued the Interim Guidelines on the Preparation, Submission, and Checking of School Forms for the School Year (SY) 2O2O-2O21through DepEd Memorandum (DM) No. O14, s.2O2l. The interim guidelines introduced the customized set of school forms that gather information relevant to the delivery of distance learning through various modalities at the school level. These interim guidelines suspended the conduct of physical checking of school forms and only allowed the virtual/online checking instead at the school level by the School Checking Committee (SCC) as a measure to protect the health and wellness of school personnel against COVID.19.

As the COVID-19 situation in the country continues to get better resulting to gradual easing of restrictions, DepEd is resuming the onsite conduct of the annual checking of school forms for SY 2021-2022 with the participation of the Division Checking Committee (DCC). This is in pursuance to DepEd Order No. 11, s. 2018 titled Guidelines on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms particularly, Section V., Paragraphs A1, B2, and C2.

Without prejudice to the national and local government-imposed protocols and restrictions pertaining to physical reporting to schools and offices, the checking committees shall perform the physical checking of school forms with the presence of the class adviser and examine the document vis-a-vis the learner Information System (LIS) data as appropriate. Below are the allowed activities during checking depending on IATF assessment of alert levels.

Alert Level 1 Onsite physical checking of school forms of SCC and DCC as prescribed in DO 11, s. 2018

Alert Level 2 Combination of onsite and online checking of school forms depending on the gravity of COMD- 19 situation in the locality. DCC is required to Online checking of school forms of SCC.

Alert Level 3 and above DCC is not required to participate as stipulated in DM O 14, s- 2021

At the end of the checking activity, the DCC shall ensure that the School Forms Checking Reports (SFCRI and SFCR 2) are properly prepared and submitted to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent as per DO 11, s. 2018, Section V., Paragraph C.2.

The DCC is also instructed to include in their activity report the observed implementation of the following recently issued policies related to school report preparations and LIS updating:

Kinder Age Cut-off (Public and Private Schools) All learners must be encoded in LIS especially Kindergarten (validate report that some schools are accepting under aged learner for kinder and deliberately hide in the system to avoid being detected)

Proper Preparation of SF10 such as but not limited to: No insertion of school logo (public school) In case of Transferred Out, transmission of original copy of SF10 with available grading boxes for continuous updating (except Grades 6 and 1O completers)

Transfer of Document within 30 days upon receipt of system notification of transfer through LIS Tracking System (remind school heads that the written request of transfer is no longer needed or required if LIS notification is available)

Update learner's Status in LIS Tracking System through confirmation of request for transfer including learners with unsettled account from private school.

All applicable provisions on DM 014, s. 2021 titled interim Guidelines on the Preparation, Submission, and checking of School Forms for the School Year 2O2O-2O21 are extended for SY 2022-2023 with consideration to Paragraph 2'b. Checking of School Forms as elaborated in Paragraph 3 of this policy.

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