DepEd Memorandum No. 033, s. 2021


(Enclosure to DepEd Memorandum No. 033, s. 2021)

National Council for Children’s Television 

an attached agency of the Department of Education 

5th DokyuBata Video Documentary Contest 


The National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) is mandated to formulate  policies on children’s media programs and recommend plans and priorities for the  government towards the promotion, development, production, and broadcasting of child friendly programs for children. The role of children is primordial in nation-building, as well  as the impact of television programs in molding their values and shape their well-being. 

In a study conducted by NCCT in 2015, the majority or 84% of Filipino children  consider television as their primary source of information, and telenovela topped the list  as their most-watched television program. Children in areas with access only to free-to air television do not have enough choices of what programs they watch and end up  consuming available content shown on television. These young minds are greatly  influenced by television, but the choice is limited to only what the networks’ programming  offer.  

The primary mandate of NCCT - to produce a quality television program that  reflects the needs, concerns, and interests of Filipino children – is the ultimate reason why DokyuBata was created. 

“DokyuBata: Isang Pagdiriwang ng Dokumentaryong Pantelebisyon Para sa  Batang Filipino” is an annual video documentary contest started in 2017. Video  documentary does not require an expensive production cost that even students can  create one of their own. NCCT believes that through video documentaries, children will  be able to express their concerns, interests, ideas, and thoughts creatively.  

Specifically, DokyuBata aims to: 

a. Provide an avenue where aspiring young Television documentarists can  showcase and share their talents; 

b. Raise awareness on the value and necessity of child-friendly television  content and highlight the feasibility of producing quality programs; 

c. Encourage the children, youth, and professionals to promulgate meaningful  television content by exposing them to quality documentaries;  

d. Promote child participation on pressing issues that directly affect their total  development; 

e. Encourage the participation of the citizenry in creating child-friendly quality  programs.  

The competition is open to all Filipino children, young adults, and even adults. Out  of school youths and professionals may also join. Entrants must focus their  documentaries on the theme provided annually, depending on the pressing issue during  the year the contest is conducted. And to encourage more participants, the competition is  divided into three categories:  

a. Children Division  

ξ Open to children from 12 to 17 years old.  

ξ Video documentaries must have a maximum running time of 5 minutes 

2021 DokyuBata Contest Mechanics | 1 

b. Young Adult Division 

ξ Open to youth from 18 to 23 years old.  

ξ Video documentaries must have a maximum running time of 10 minutes c. Adult Division 

ξ Open to individuals from 24 years old and above 

ξ Video documentaries must have a maximum running time of 15 minutes 

With the innovations of technology, the young generation is already recognized to  be prosumers – they consume and produce content at the same time. And through  DokyuBata, children and adults will have the chance to produce child-friendly media  content and be able to participate in building a well-informed and media-literate nation. 

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted DokyuBata to shift to a virtual  competition. This year is the celebration of the 5th year of DokyuBata, and there are five major activities of DokyuBata 2021, and these are: 

A. DokyuBata Masterclass 

B. DokyuBata Rewind 

C. DokyuBata Classroom 

D. DokyuBata Virtual Screening 

E. DokyuBata Virtual Awarding Ceremony.  

DokyuBata Masterclass is a 3-day workshop in July to train aspiring documentary  filmmakers and help them in creating excellent documentaries. Students and teachers  are encouraged to attend the Masterclass on how to make a child-friendly  documentary. 

DokyuBata Rewind will feature selected documentaries from 2017-2020 to share the  impact of the DokyuBata documentary on the production team, the subject of their case  study, and the community. Students and teachers are encouraged to watch on the  NCCT Facebook page and NCCT YouTube Channel. 

DokyuBata Classroom will be a workshop and talkback session with the Top 10  (Finalists) for every division to guide the finalists in revising their documentary for the  Virtual Screening and promote engagement and interaction with fellow finalists. 

DokyuBata Virtual Screening will be a 3-day online screening through the NCCT  Facebook page and NCCT YouTube channel featuring the enhanced documentaries of  the Top 10 (Finalists) for each division. Students and teachers are encouraged to  watch and participate in casting their votes for the Audience Choice Award. 

DokyuBata Awarding Ceremony will be conducted virtually, and broadcast live via  NCCT online channels and pages. Students and teachers are encouraged to watch  the virtual awarding and express their support through the live chatbox.

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