Twice a Month Salary of Teachers, Pushed!


Usec Annalyn M. Sevilla confirmed that DepEd aims to implement a twice a month release of salary for public school teachers and other personnel by downloading the payroll processing to Schools Division Offices.

“Once a month salary releases to DepEd personnel at the field units contributed to the issue on personal financial management of teachers,” Sevilla said.


She added that “if the salary of personnel is released on a twice a month basis, the wide gap existing in the present set up of once a month basis shall be closer.”


Sevilla said that the pilot testing on the downloading of payroll processing from the present setup in the Regional offices (ROs) and SDOs.

The implementation of the twice a month salary release for both teaching and non-teaching personnel, Sevilla added, will greatly depend on the “readiness of interested SDOs to prepare their own payrolls.”

Sevilla said that this shall be evaluated by the Regional Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS) Task Force and the Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS).

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