125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence (Required activities, exhibits, service credits)

 125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence (Required activities, exhibits, service credits)

Theme: Kalayaan Kaaysayan.Kinabukasan.

On: May 28- June 30, 2023

Legal Basis: PD No.110 s. 1963 Declaring June 12 as Independence Day and AO No. 23 s. 2011 Creating National Committee on Steering National Observances

Content: All are required to give full support, assistance, and cooperation to achieve the celebration's objectives.

Required activities:

1. Simultaneous Flag Raising in schools or historical site on June 12, 2023

2. Display of Philippine Flag in the classrooms, offices, and residences of teaching and non-teaching personnel from May 15 to June 30, 2023. (Charge to the school's MOOE)

3. Once a week discussion on the Philippine Flag awareness and significant events in history.

4. Grades 1-3 will draw the Philippine Flag while Grades 4-6 will submit a 1-page reflection paper about Philippine Flag, Independence and what they do and thin about it.

5.Conduct a symposium to raise awareness of the event

6. Put up bulletin boards about the activity

7. A month-long sharing of insight about the same topic during flag ceremony led by AP teachers/supervisors

Important: Teachers shall receive appropriate SERVICE CREDITS stipulated in DO No. 53 s,  2003 and DO No 84 s. 2003 white Non-teaching personnel shall attend on official time only.


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