In accordance with the guidelines, rules, and regulations established by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the General Appropriations Act (GAA) authorizes the payment of a uniform/clothing allowance to each qualified government employee up to a maximum of P6,000 per year.

The Circular applies to regular, contractual, and casual civilian government employees; elective or appointed; providing services either full-time or part-time.

The U/CA for government employees who work full-time must not exceed P6,000 per year. The annual U/CA for part-time service must be proportional to the annual U/CA for full-time service in order for the U/CA to not exceed the amount authorized by the relevant general provision in the annual GAA each subsequent year. The following is an example of how the U/CA for part-time employment should be calculated:

U/CA (Part-Time Service in FY 2018) = (P6,000) x 8 hours of full-time service per day The following types of grants may be made for the U/CA:

a. In the form of uniforms obtained through a bidding process, which may include uniform accessories such as regulation caps, belts, and other accessories, for people in Special Police, Security Guard, and other positions;

b. In the form of cash and textile materials to pay for sewing and tailoring, as has been done by very large departments; c. In cash, for executive position holders who may not be required to wear uniforms or who will purchase their own uniforms in accordance with predetermined conditions.

2. In accordance with R.A. No. 1, this uniform and clothing must, to the greatest extent possible, be made of Philippine tropical fibers. 92421, s. 2004.

3. Unless otherwise mandated by law, officials and employees must pay for their own shoes.

The yearly dress and uniform remittance adding up to 6,000 will be delivered to all qualified staff not sooner than the primary working day of April of the ongoing year, likely to existing bookkeeping and evaluating rules and guidelines, and upon the arrival of the Notification of Money Assignment from DBM.The Division of Training adjusted four new arrangements of DepEd public uniform plans for educating and two new public uniform plans for non-showing faculty beginning in the progress time of the School Year (SY) 2021-2022.

The new uniforms are required to be worn by all teaching and non-teaching staff beginning in SY 2022–2023.

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