By November, the government hopes to have all classes in person, but President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. indicated blended learning can only continue in some regions.

Sara Duterte-Carpio, vice president and secretary of education, was tasked by Marcos with identifying the areas where blended learning will be used during a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

“Ang gawin na lang natin ay i-identify saan ‘yung areas na magbe-blended learning para maka-focus tayo. Ihanda ‘yung mga devices at mga kailangan nila na noong pandemic hindi nasusuplayan sa mga bata,” Marcos said.

“We continue with blended learning pero in very specific places lamang. As much as possible, face-to-face na talaga,” he added.

Later this year, face-to-face instruction will be required at all levels, according to the Department of Education.

Beginning on November 2, all public and private schools were required by its Order No. 34 to switch to five days of in-person instruction each week.

However, according to Marcos, a variety of factors, like the accessibility of teachers and classrooms, internet connectivity, and the rising number of Covid19 cases, could have an impact on how physical classes are conducted.

He claimed that the government would be compelled to continue offering blended learning sessions if significant issues with face-to-face instruction were not solved.

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