1 .          DepEd Order (DO) No. 28, s. 2G l6  titled  Policy  and  Guidelines  on  Oplan Kalusugan sa  Department  of  Education  {OK  sa  DepEd}  provides  for  the  conduct  of One Health Week every school year to showcase  DepEd  school  health  and  nutrition programs  and  services.  Specifically,  the  celebration  aims  to  highlight   activities   and services under the following flagship program s:

a.       School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP);

b.       National Drug Education Program (NDEP);

c.       Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Program;

d.       Water, Sanitation, arid Hygiene (\VASH) in Schools (WinS) Program;

e.       Medical, Dental, arid Nursing Services, including the School Dental Health Care Program (SDHCPJ ; and

f.         School Mental Health Program.

2.                   Pursuant  to  DO  29,  s.  202 l  titled  ischool  Calendar  and  Activities   for  School Year 2021-2022, the 202 1 One Health  Week  will  be  held from  September  h  to  1 1,  2021 to support the preparations for  the opening  of  classes  on  September  13,  2021 . The  theme for the celebration is Bnyonihnn paro sa Kalusugan: OK sa DepEd, sn Paaralan, at :sa


3.                   There will be two sets of activities during the One Health Week:


a.       The Bureau of Learner Support Services-School Health Division (BLSS-SHD) will spearhead national activities to provide key updates and launch key initiative:s nder cach UK sa DepEd Rogzhip prcgi , especially given the en ent situation of tl-.e basic education sector.


b.       Regional offices (ROs) and schools division offices (SDOs) nationwide, through their respective School Health and Nutrition (SHN) Units/ Sections,  are enjoined to host their own wee klong activities promoting their respective health and nutrition initiatives *or the schools and the learners in their




DepEd  Complex,  Meralco Avenue,  Pasig City  1G00   -         8633-7208 / 8G?›2 - 72  2B / 8€a3  2- 1 3 fi I                                                                                                           8636-4876 / 8637 -6 209    ^  w                                                                                                          .rleped

respective schools divisions, and how such initiatives ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the learners amid the pandemic.


4.                  Each day of the One Health Week will showcase a set of activities that focus on a specific OK sa DepEd flagship program.


a.       Overview of the eetlvttles for the Ono Hoelth Week {Enclosure No. 1), including  both  the  scheduled  activities  organized  by  BLSS-SHD, as well as the specific suggested activities for the ROs and SDOs to be held during recommended time slots throughout the week.


b.      All DepEd personnel, learners, partners, and other stakeholders are invited to vtrtuelly pertloipnte In the national  eetivltloe  that  will be streamed via the official social media pages  of  the  Central  Office and cross-posted in the social media pages of the ROs.  SDOs  and schools are enjoined to share the livestream of the said activities  in their respective social media pages as scheduled.


c.       Details of the suggested activities for the ROs and the SDOs per flagship program have been provided through separate issuances from the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration (OUA). Suggested activities may be modified depending on the respective contexts of the ROs or the SDOs. They are encouraged to livestream their activities in their respective social media pagee.


d.      Resources that may be used for  the celebration,  including  soft copies of     virtual     and     print     collaterals,     may     be     accessed     at https: // bit.1y/2021okdonehealthweek.


5.                  The ROs, SDOs, and schools are encouraged to continue organizing follow-through activities related to those introduced during the One Health Week, as well as other OK sa DepEd activities throughout the rest of the school year.


6.                  Required health standards, based on the latest  updates  of  the  Department  of Health and relevant authorities, shall be observed at all times. Refer to the DepEd  Task Force COVID-19 (DTFC) Memorandum No. 464 tiHed Reiteration of Corresponding Work-Relnted Guidelines per Community Quarantine

7.                  Funding for the RO and SDO-led activities during the One Health Week are chargeable to the funds downloaded to the  ROs and  the SDOs,  with  guidelines  stipulated in OUA Memorandum No.  00-0821-0190.  The  ROs  and  SDOs  are  enjoined  to  augment for any other needs that may not be sufficiently covered by  the downloaded  funds.  As a core strategy of OK sa DepEd, forming of partnerships to support the conduct of  the activities is highly encouraged.


8.                  The ROs, SDOs, and schools shall ensure the documentation of the activities, following the reporting requirements stipulated in DO 28, s. 2018.


9.                   Regional Directors and Schools Division Superintendents are enjoined to monitor the activities.


10.             For more information, please contact the Bureau of I earner Support 8erv1ces- School Health Division, 3rd Floor, Mabini Building, Department of Education Central






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