Definitely Not a Fairy Tale: The Sassy Encounter (1)

Once upon a time, there was a princess in a high tower blah blah blah.. and they lived happily ever after.
No. This is not that kind.
This is a story of life- misadventures, mishaps, misfortunes, miscalculations, misdirection, mispartnership ( is that even a word?). Anyway, get the picture. Charlotte Anne Wilson is a walking disaster. She hate that she always have to thread carefully to avoid any accident...

 "Ouch! What the fudge?" her head hurts.

"Ha! That's what you get when you daydream while trekking this Mt. Tralala. What were you thinking anyway?" that's her sarcastic friend since college Olivia. Vibrant, bold, straightforward, and sarcastic (did she say that already?). They were both social workers/volunteers.

"These relief goods are quite heavy. I was thinking of other things to keep my mind off it." she exhaustedly reasoned.

They were bound to Mt. Apo that early in the morning to deliver relief goods to remote families affected by pandemic. The bags she carry are not really that heavy because the site official guides volunteered to do the heavy lifting, add to that the muscled soldiers in front of their line. She's just busy thinking a lot lately.

Now, they were resting for a moment in a shady tree.

"Soooo, tell me why you keep on making stink eyes to Mr. Blue-eyed soldier?" Olivia really does see little details.

"I dunno. I just have this feeling, you know. I don't like the man. He's pretty arrogant." she remembered meeting him yesterday at the meeting to brief the social workers, volunteers, soldiers, and officials.

"Jake Holt? You don't like him? What's not to like? And did you say he's pretty? I knew it!" her friend really is a big mouth.

"Hush! He's coming." she whispered and elbowed Olivia a little.

"Ladies, did I just heard my name?" he asked. "Ms. Olivia, Ms. Wilson, are you tiring already?" he sat beside Olivia in front of her.

"You mean tired?" her brows are rising now. She remembers why she doesn't like him.

"Eh, same thing. What's on your teeth Ms. Wilson?" he seems confuse.

"What? Olivia really? Hand me a mirror please?" horrified, she examined her teeth and indeed traces of chocolates are there.

Olivia can't help but laugh despite her sentiment. "I was wondering when you'll notice that. This chocolate snack is so delish, yum!"

"Here Ms. Wilson, a tissue. You could use this. Wait is that a snake!? Don't move, its behind you." he whispered silently still smirking to her teeth. 

Charlotte doesn't know what to do. First, her teeth and now there is a snake behind her?

Jake continued to speak in a low voice. "Don't worry, snake doesn't like chocolates." he teased.

Suddenly, he snapped a knife towards the snake. It's dead.

"You almost got my face! Oh my God, how could you?" she is closed to crying now.

"I just saving you from snake Ms. Wilson. Can't thank me?" he retrieved the knife and wiped away some blood.

"Saved. Oh my, and yes, thank you very much! Can you leave me now?"

"No, never."

to be continued...

by dapithapon

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