Simple Ways to Encourage your Child to Love Reading

Simple Ways to Encourage your Child to Love Reading

Building the learning foundation of the child should start at their young age when their formative years are blooming and activating. We should stimulate this with creative ways to feed their minds with everything basic and essential to their holistic development. Reading habit should be carefully introduced to their schedule in a fun and interesting way.

Atlas Mission gives as effective simple ways to get your kiddo fall in love with reading:

1. Up the interest level. Pick stories based on their interest-level. If your child loves animals, choose stories about animals. Consider their favorites and things they crave about.

2. Stop ordering or buying books online. Take time to tour the library with your kid and let him be introduced to the colorful and fantastic world of books.

3. Model it. Most child learns from looking at his parents. They try to imitate everything that we do. So pick up a book and start reading regularly. Watching you read will surely encourage the child.

4. Smile as you read. When your child sees you enjoying what you do, he'll be encouraged to do the same thing that makes you smile.

5. Give choices. Allow him to choose what kind of child- friendly book he likes to read.

6. Read with your child. Make reading more interactive by animating the story, pointing the picture and letting the child asks questions.

7. Reward Reading. Positive reinforcement leads to beautiful habits.

8. Create a book club. Ask your neighbor's kids to come together for a reading time before their play dates or something. Make it a regular meeting to develop a reading habit while enjoying with friends.

9. Tell a story. Take time to tell a story. Go overboard sometimes with costumes and props like puppets, and enjoy your time while doing so.

When you encouraged your child to love reading, you helped him big time in his academic battles ahead.
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Do you have a more effective ways on encouraging your child to love reading? Comment below your insights and experiences. We'd love to hear from you.

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