President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. issued an executive order (EO) to streamline and streamline the government's performance-based performance management system (RBPMS) and performance-based incentive system (PBI).

EO No. 61, issued on June 3, suspends the implementation of Administrative Orders (AO) No. 25 (s. 2011) and EO No. 80 (s. 2012) and all other related editions.

AO No. 25 (s. 2011) established a unified and integrated RBPMS for all departments and agencies of the executive government.EO No. 80 (s. 2012), as amended by EO No. 201 (s. 2016), introduced the PBI system, consisting of the Productivity Improvement Incentive (PEI) and the Bonus Based on Performance (PBB), to encourage better performance and demand greater public accountability in the sector and ensure the fulfillment of the government's commitments and objectives.

Palace said that the RBPMS and PBI systems overlap and overflow with the government's internal and external performance review and evaluation systems and lack a review mechanism that would lead to the collection of rules, regulations and publications issued by Inter. . -Agency Task Force (IATF) to harmonize performance monitoring, information and reporting systems for national governments..

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