1. Refrain from seeking endorsements, recommendations, contributions, support, consideration, political accommodations, or any form of intervention from other government personnel or similar entities outside of DepEd;

2. Desist from soliciting favorable actions from to facilitate the implementation of programs, projects, or activities, except those covered by the Adopt-a-School Program, initiated by the local government units, funded by the Special Education Fund SEF, or covered by partnership agreement and/or allowed by law;

3. Refrain from requesting or obtaining support or endorsement from any third party in the hiring transfer, promotion, removal, or any other personal lnvolvement

4. Follow the internal rules and regulations of the Department on protocols relative to communication, correspondence, and other appropriate rule processes;

5. Raise issues and concerns regarding basic education via focal and appropriate DepEd channels, either directly to the Office of the Secretary or through the concerned Assistant Secretary or Undersecretary, without resorting to any political or third-party intervention or accommodation.

6. Treat and approach DepEd colleagues, employees, learners and stakeholders with the highest degree of professionalism, skill, and excellence;

7, Respect the rights of others and refrain from doing any act that is contrary, to law, good morals, good customs, public policy, public order, public safety, and public interest;

8. Serve and perform one's duties and responsibilities in a prompt, courteous, and fair manner;

9. Refrain from engaging in any activity or any relationship that may impair one's ability in making objective decisions in the performance of his/her job functions;

10. Avoid relationships, interaction, and communication, including following social media with learners outside of the school setting, except if they arc relatives;

11. Desist from any act that may compromise one's integrity as a government employee and that may compromise the honor of the DepEd.

12. Shall exercise caution when sharing posts or other contents and should not participate in the spreading of rumors and false information;

13.  Shall not unduly post direct attacks against fellow DepEd employees and ouct utilize legal and hupar rctource mcdiation proccduresl and

14.  Shall aot disparagc DcpEd aod must always bc aildful of the rcputatioa rnd honor of the orgaaizatioa.

15. . The use of DcpEd cudl addrcsscs shall oaly be for rurk-related subscriptioar aad epplicatloas. Ia !o casc shall the DepEd email addresg be urcd for any pcrroael rociel Ecdia account, ptolilc, or activity.

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