LGU-SEF to be Prioritized

 Senator Sherwin Gatchalian has called for greater involvement of local government agencies in improving the provision and quality of basic education during LGU Month celebrations.

The  21st Century School Board Act, or Senate Act No. 155, which Gatchalian reintroduced as one of his priority actions in the 19th Congress, expands local school boards to include other educational institutions. They try to include relevant elements of stakeholders and communities.

This measure will add a wide range of functions to local school boards, such as formulating policies with a focus on quality of education. It also expands the use of special education funds to support the expanded role of local school boards.

SEF is derived from the additional 1 percent property tax allotted to local boards of education by the Local Government Act or Republic Act No. 7160 for the operation and maintenance of public schools, construction and repair of school buildings . Under the proposed actions, reforms introduced by local school boards and the success of programs will be measured by national tests or assessment tools, such as student participation rates, early dropout rates and out-of-school youth rates. It is measured using a metric such as number. Achievement Scores, Established Child Development Centers, Supported Special Education, Alternative Learning Systems, and Parent Effectiveness Services Programs.

Additional responsibilities that must be delegated to local boards of education include timely, systematic and local administration in the provision of basic education during disasters, disasters, and other emergencies that disrupt school activities. Including initiating intervention.

The local school board also coordinates the implementation of ALS programs with departments of education at the city or county level.

This measure will pay public elementary and secondary school SEF teacher and non-teacher salaries, kindergarten teacher salaries and kindergarten capital expenditures, the operation and maintenance of ALS programs, teacher fees and staff and regular out-of-school hours. 


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