Presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte promised to prioritize the welfare of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) teaching and non-teaching personnel once she assumes office as the agency's secretary.

She sympathized with teachers who are deep in loans with high interests offered  PLIs and other individuals.

“That is the sad reality for our teachers. I saw it when I was the mayor of Davao City,” said Duterte.

Mayor Sara narrated that a teacher who is not from Davao City approached her office and asked for help regarding her loan.

She also expressed that the financial situations of teachers greatly affect their performances.

“That is where the sad story is. How you can expect the teachers to work religiously if they are confronted with such a problem,” she said.

“I only have six years to work with you and to improve your welfare and the quality of education in our country,” Duterte added.

“I am soliciting your support that we may come up with something concrete to improve the welfare of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the DepEd, and see a better country with learners that are disciplined and patriotic,” she concluded.

Producing skilled learners will also be prioritized by her governance.

Teachers nationwide love to hear such promising change mentioned but coupled with actions. Financial development was an old promise by many politicians and repeatedly vowed every election period. The reality of such promise is what teachers like to happen. Hopefully we will see better result soon.

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