National Teachers Association Oks 15-30 Salary Release

On Teachers' Opinion

 National Teachers Association have requested the department of the twice-a-month salary schedule and is now approved by the higher office. In the letter addressed to the secretary of education, President Cynthia Villarin of Deped Teachers Union, expressed the teachers gratitude of the said development. She have cited three pros of this change in favor of the majority. 

15-30 salary schedule have already been implemented in most divisions nationwide and others have yet to follow. Small percentage of employees expressed disagreement regarding this saying that the small salary of teachers divided in two phases resulted in smaller value which made it difficult to be portioned in a budget. Noticeably, this clamor rooted from teachers with deep neck loans with pawned ATMs. One teacher commented that he only takes home PhP3000 every month, this, when given twice a month is so small that their resources are challenged on how to survive. Worst, there are those who confirmed that they received lesser income than what was mentioned above. Hence, many teachers prayed for an increase salary.

Will an increase salary solve all the teachers debt? Yes. Definitely yes! But look, whenever there is a tranche yearly, do your take home pay increase? Some yes, others no. Others took this as an opportunity to loan some more. Thus, it all goes back as before. Some, sees it as an advantage to improve their financial status.

Yes teachers need salary increase. This author fully supports this. But maybe, just maybe, looking for an extra income, a side job which will not hinder teaching, is what we need. Remember what the famous millionaire once said, your salary will pay your bills but use your extra income to reach your dream. One thing that we should be wise with also is financial intelligence to manage the resources better. If you have reached this point in reading this post, my advise is know your other skills and use it to earn extra. Then utilized this extra income to slowly solve your loans and other financial burdens. On top of that, budget your money wisely. Read books about financial literacy. Take it from someone who survive the loans and slowly reaching her dreams. God bless and God speed.

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