Good News: Additional 3k SRI To Be Received Soon!


SRI of PhP7,000 have been given to teachers. It should have been PhP10,000 but the agency's head of finance explained that: 

Agencies are allowed to grant SRI max of 10k/eligible employee but chargeable to own PS/MOOE savings.

DepEd was only able to generate 7B PS savings and none from MOOE since MOOE is continuing until 2022.
We will pay first 7k, and then write to DBM about the deficiency of 3K/employee.

The good news is that the remaining SRI of PhP3,000 have been looking good to become a reality soon as leaked by a reliable source and shared as a first-hand information. 

Many teachers have been anticipating said additional amount because of various dues and important matters relating to financial status. This will be an additional blessing that will bridge budget for 2022.

Let's all pray together for this reality. As they say, "To withdraw is to believe". But we say, law of attraction: to hope is to believe.

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