To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Minister, Basic, Higher, and Technical Education, BARMM
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public and Private Elementary and Secondary School Heads
All Others Concerned

1. Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 1481, s. 2008 declaring Apil22 of
every year as the Philippines' Earth Day, the Department of Education (DepEd) reaffirms
its commitment to strengthening the Makakalikasan value of learners and personnel,
especially in the light of climate change.

2. In this connection, all public and private elementary and secondary schools,
including schools district offices, schools division offices (SDOs) and regional offices
(ROs) are encouraged to participate in the online celebration of Earth Day with the
theme, PINASiglang Mundo (Restore the Earth), from April 20 to 22,2021.

3. The Earth Day Online Celebration aims to promote environment protection among
DepEd stakeholders, rally more learners and personnel to be engaged in environment
actions, and provide a platform for learners to showcase their commitment to earth

4. The activities to be led by DepEd for Earth 2021 are as follows
a. April 2O, 2O2L, 9:O(F11:OO a.m.
i. Storytelling for Elementary Learners
ii. Makakalikasan Creative Activity on Sustainable Dining where
selected participants may be awarded with prizes
b. April 2L,2O2L,2:O(F4:OO p.m.
i. Panel Discussion with selected learners, teachers, and
personnel on Decreasing Single-Use Plastics in Schools
c. April, 22, 2O2L, 8:30-1O:OO a.m.
i. Messages from DepEd Officials
ii. Launch of the KalikHasan! Likha at lakas ng Kabataan para
sa Kalikasan: A Creative Sourcebook on the Use of Theater for
Climate Education and Action
iii. Re-launch of the Microsite on Curated Resources for Teaching
Climate Change

5. Moreover, DepEd supports the program of the climate change commission
(CCCI on April 22, 20121.,7:3O a.m. to 3:3O p.m. Interested DepEd personnel and
i.*"." ma! submit their Earth Day Pledge at http:/ /bit.ly/DepEdEarthDay Pledge2O21
not later than April 8,2O2L. Please refer to Enclosure No. 3 for more information.

6. The learners and personnel are also invited to the ZOOMba session at
7z3G7z4S a.m. on April 22 2O2l where they are encouraged to post their action photos
with the following hashtags for monitoring purposes: #RestoreOurEarth,
#Walangplastikan, #PlasticFreeFH, +EarthDay2O2l, and #DepEdClimateAction. The
Department reminds them to exercise due diligence in the use of social media.

7. There will be no registration fee, and pre-registration is not required. The activities
will be streamed live at the DepEd Philippines Facebook Page at
https: / /www.facebook.com/ DepartmentOfEducation.PH'

8. For DepEd-led activities, certificates will be given after the accomplishment of
program evaluation and a short quiz through a link which will be provided at the end of
each session. For CCC-led activities, learners and personnel may send a screenshot of
their attendance at http: / I bit.ly I EarthD ay2O2 1 Requestforcerts.

9. Schools and offices may initiate activities in observance of Earth Day 2021.
Activities conducted at a distance are recommended, in consideration of the ongoing
pandemic. Health and safety protocols should be followed at all times.

10. The following documents are enclosed for the information and guidance of those
who will participate in the Earth Day 2O2l:
a. Enclosure No. I - Earth Day 2O2l DepEd Concept Note,
b. Enclosure No. 2 - Earth Day 2O2l CCC Concept Note, and
c. Enclosure No. 3 My Earth Day Pledge Guidelines.

11. Participants from public schools, SDOs, ROs, and the Central Office shall attend
the conference on official business.

12. The DepEd-led activities are organized by the Bureau of Learner Support
Services-Youth Formation Division (BLSS-YFD) and Disaster Risk Reduction and
Management Service (DRRMS), in partnership with DepEd Region IV-A and SDO of
Dasmarinas city with the support of the Public Affairs Service (PAS).

13. For more information, please contact the Disaster Risk Reduction and
Management Service (DRRMS) at telephone number to2l8637-4933 or through email
at drriro+ccam@deped.gov.ph for participation of DepEd offices and personnel. Likewise,
the Bureau of Learner Support Services-Youth Formation Division (BLSS-YFD) may
be contacted at telephone number (02) 8637-9814 or through email at
blss.yfd@deped.gov.ph for participation of the Youth for Environment in Schools
Organization (YE S - O ) members and teacher-advisers.

14. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


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