To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public and Private Elementary and Secondar5z School Heads
A1l Others Concerned

1. Consistent with: the Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) as
stipulated in DepEd Order (DO) No. 012, s. 2O2O, the Department of Education (DepEd)
issues the Interim Guidelines on the Preparation, Submission, and Checking of
School Forms for the School Year 2O2O-2O2L. This issuance amends certain
provisions of DO Nos. 04, s. 2014 and 58, s. 2017 to reflect the requirements of distance
learning modalities in school forms, as well as to ensure the collection of necessary data
for evidence-based decision-making for School Year {SY 2O2O-2O21.
2. In this regard, the following amendments are adopted in the submission and
checking of school forms (see Annex I for the complete forms):
al Preparation and Submission of School Forms
 School Form 1 SF1 School Registry
Additional data elements for Learning Modality shall be added in the
existing SF1. The learning modality shall be updated whenever the
learner shifts from one learning modality to another. At the end of each
quarter, the updated modality shall be generated through the Learner
Information System (LIS) as official quarterly enrollment count per
modality. The age to be recorded in the form is the learner's age by
October 31, 2O2O.
 School Form 2 (SF 2 Daily Attendance
Given the temporary suspension of face-to-face learning and with the
implementation of different learning modalities, teachers/ advisers may
choose an applicable Learner Attendance Conversion Tool (LACT)
(attached herewith as Annex 2) that can be considered in checking t1.e
learner's attendance. The chosen norm of attendance checking should
be explained to parents/learners for awareness and transparency.
The SF2 that are already prepared by teachers for the first two quarters
should be adopted without any further modification. Hence, the adoption
of the LACT is only applicable and should only be used for the third and
fourth quarters of SY 2O2O-2O21.
Similarly, in the adoption of any LACT for the third and fourth quarters
of SY 2O2O-2O21, teachers are highly encouraged to exercise due
consideration and to reach out to learners. A learner can only be
considered a drop-out or no longer participating in learning activities
School Form 3 lSF3l Books Issued and Returned
If the school is releasing books and other learning materials to learners,
SF3 may be used. This form can also be utilized to record the distribution
the retrieval of training Modules. In using SF3 for the recording and
monitoring of modules, the title of the book shall be replaced with an
appropriate reference code or with the title of the module being issued or

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