10 Countries With The Highest Teachers Salary In The World

This is a follow up article of what we published before about teachers wanting to teach abroad. in here, you will find the top 10 countries offering highest salary to teachers annually. if you ever find yourself considering to seek for a greener pasture, you might want to consider the following friendly countries.

 Here is a list of countries with the highest paid teachers. (Average salary in US Dollars)

1. SWITZERLAND-Average Salary – $110,000

2. LUXEMBOURG-Average Salary – $100,000

3. CANADA-Average Salary – $74,000

4. GERMANY-Average Salary – $70,000

5. NETHERLANDS-Average Salary – $67,000

6. AUSTRALIA-Average Salary – $67,000

 7. UNITED STATES-Average Salary – $60,000

8. IRELAND-Average Salary – $53,000

9. DENMARK-Average Salary – $52,500

10. AUSTRIA-Average Salary – $50,000

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  1. It only means Philippines is one of the many countries in the world having low salaries for teachers...meaning not well compensated!!!


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