SUBTRACTION WORKSHEETS for primary learners

Subtraction is the process of taking away variable/s. This skill is crucial to your child's life-long journey. Acquiring Math skills is vital to grow independently and freely. This file contains 9 PDF about subtracting 12,&3- digits without & with regrouping. Best with learners from 1st-3rd grades.

We would love to help you stock your teaching aids with these materials. We understand that teaching is not an easy feat so as much as possible we like to ease your loads by providing materials which are helpful to our class home.

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Download for FREE this Math Subtraction of 1,2,&3 digits with/without regrouping in pdf file for your future use in the classroom. Kindly click the DOWNLOAD button below  to get your  copy.

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Illustrated and created by: The Teacher's Craft


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