President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his decision disallowing face-to-face classes come August 24, 2020 until a vaccine for COVID is made available.
As announced, schools will open on August 24 but there is still no face-to-face sessions until we get a vaccine.
The lack of computers and internet connection which will disrupt  the studies of Filipino youth in remote barangays has come to his concern. Because of this the President directed the Department of Budget and Management to look for funds for the procurement of radios.
We will follow a blended learning approach. Part of this learning strategy is distance and online learning using communications technology and digital devices.
According to DepEd Secretary Briones, "What is new is that we are placing the emphasis on these alternative technologies because we agree with you we should not be allowing our children or our teachers to go to school at this time until it is absolutely safe for them, but they can continue learning, Mr. President."

[One of the problems is the lack of communications or how to get through the students, maski radio lang. Ang radio ngayon ay hindi naman mahal. We will buy 300 sabi ni Sec. briones. We might buy the radio at maibigay sa lahat ng barangay na maaabot ng radio connection para naman yung mga mahira[maaccess na lugar] may communication sila sa teacher nila.

source: DepEd Philippines 

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