Free webinars not only for teachers but also for dear parents. Be well-versed with the new setting that we will face this school year. 

This week, join Vibal group for their Parent-Teacher Collaboration Webinar Series on YouTube! Here’s how:

1. Fill out these forms to register.

NOTE: Kindly choose only one form per day/topic to fill-out.

Managing Home-School partnership for Learning-At-Home Environment

June 15 (FORM 1):
June 15 (FORM 2):

Work-Tech Balance among Working Parents during Homeschool

June 16 (FORM 1):
June 16 (FORM 2):

Creating Parent-Friendly Modules for Basic Education

June 17 (FORM 1):
June 17 (FORM 2):

Establishing Educational discipline in Homeschooling

June 18 (FORM 1):
June 18 (FORM 2):

Strategies for Encouraging Parental Involvement in Learning

June 19 (FORM 1):
June 19 (FORM 2):

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