Loudest Silence

In the deepest recesses of your mind, some uncontrollable thoughts keep on resurfacing
May it be your past, your inner desires, your secret sins, your greatest dream
Some more tangible than the others
Some more stressing than the rest
It calls for you
And every time you close your eyes
These shadows grip your gut
It claws your thoughts, wanting to be unleashed
In the middle of your sleepless night
It churns your stomach, flipping it over
and over, again and again
Wanting to be free
But you never can tell
Where one begins and the other ends
These dilemma bring chaos to your mind
Slowly eating your whole essence alive
Until you can't take it anymore
Some people were pushed in the corner of the line
No where to go, no one to talk with
Sometimes yes, prayer is the ultimate weapon
Or a friend to talk with
Or simply write them 
It sometimes ease your burden

You're never alone.

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