MAPEH Department Head launches COVID-19 Literacy Program

Learning on Distance Initiative ( LODI) is a COVID- 19 Literacy Program launched by Dr. Lodrigo Basco Jr., MAPEH Department Head of Guimbal National High School. This program aims to strengthen the learners' knowledge foundation. Dr. Basco believed that it is necessary for the child to start learning early to develop his knowledge which in the future will be the key to succeed. The said program prepares 300 worksheets for learners of four barangays of Guimbal including Pescadores, Torreblanca- Blumentritt, Gerona-Gimeno, and Bongol San Vicente.

Dr. Basco personally funded the program which primarily focuses on improving numeracy skills and identification of letters for preschoolers. Worksheets about reading and writing skills for Mathematics and English subjects were also provided. Aside from the academic skills being developed, family bonding was also a positive effect of the program because parents personally see to their child's learning while at home.

"One of the objectives is to develop strong bond between the children and parents. Parents/ guardian or elder siblings will be the one to assist and guide the child," Dr. Basco said.

"Maliit na bagay [ yung gastos kung] para sa mga bata," he added.

(Such little things [referring to the costs] for the children," he added)

Dr. Basco is inspired to broaden the program because of the positive response of the children while  distributing the learning materials. Some volunteers expressed support of lending help for the initiative.

"Sa pagkakataong ito, sana lahat ng mga bata ay patuloy na mag-aral sa loob ng Bahay kaagapay ang mga magulang. Education must go on. Hindi hadlang and COVID-19 para mahinto ang pag-aaral ng bata," he ended.

(At this time, I hope that the kids will continue learning while at home guided by the parents. Education must go on. COVID-19 is not a reason to stop learning," he ended.)

Salute to you Sir!

source and photos: DepEd Philippines

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