When Teacher Cooks Crispy Calamares

The other side of a Teacher is being a Parent. As parents, it is our primary duty to fill the table with nutritious foods. Foods which are not necessarily expensive to be nutritious. When I am not busy with my work in the classroom or in the computer, I am busy in the kitchen. With this article, I would love to share with you how I made Squid Calamares, the teacher's style. The recipe unfolds with each picture shown because after all, pictures do tell a thousand words. Ingredients and steps were shown in each picture. Easy steps to follow and better understanding.

Calamares ( The Teacher's Homemade Version)
Ingredients: Breading (1cup flour, 1 cup cornstarch, salt and pepper), 1 egg, 1/2 kg. bite size squid.
Mix the breading ingredients.
Marinate the squid in egg, salt, and pepper for 10 mins.
Drain your squid from marinate then coat with breading mix one by one.
Fry the coated squid. You can deep fry if you have lots of oil ( we can't go out to buy more because of this trying time.)
Presenting my crispy calamares! It can be a finger food while chatting with friends, or eat them with rice. Personalize your dip with vinegar, onion, pepper, or any other assortments of your preference.

Estimated cost: Php150.00 or >$3
Prep time: 30 mins.
Serving: 5 persons
Teacher's Tip: Double fry for extra crispiness.
by: Ma'am Vi

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