The Department of Education issues DepEd Order No. 27, s. 2022 or the Conduct of Rapid Assessment in School Year 2021–2022 for Learning Recovery as Well as in Preparation for the 2024 Baseline System Assessment.

This test administration for SY 2021−2022 will serve as a rapid assessment to identify learning gaps and to design appropriate interventions, as well as preparation for establishing a new system assessment baseline in 2024.

The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA), with the assistance of regional offices (ROs) and schools division offices (SDOs), will administer the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (ELLNA), National Achievement Test for Grade 6 (NATG6), and National Achievement Test for Gr6
As rapid assessment, the administration to a representative sample of schools and students before the end of SY 2021−2022 will serve as indicator for the Central Office of the learning gaps in the entire system. After the sampling test administration, the test instruments shall be furnished to all regions for administration in schools under their respective jurisdiction within SY 2022−2023 to facilitate school-based rapid assessment of learning gaps and to design regional, division, or school level interventions.

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